Leader: Whisperstar

Deputy: SilentCry

Warriors: ForestFire, Deadheart (more to come)

Medicine Cat: Whisperstep

Apprentices: Specklepaw, Ghostpaw, Tsunamipaw

Kits: Beetlekit, Mothkit, Yetikit

Elders: Unknown


Leader: Obsidianstar

Deputy: Crimsontail

Warriors: Moonfrost, (more to come)

Medicine Cat: Unknown

Apprentices: Unknown

Kits: Unknown

Elders: Unknown


Leader: Onyxstar

Deputy: Jackalmask

Warriors: Wildtail, Ebonyheart, (more to come)

Medicine Cat: Adderstorm

Apprentices: Unknown

Kits: Unknown

Elders: Unknown


Chapter 1

As the youth's visionaries opened, he heard a variety of noises. "Hello, little one. Welcome to the world. I'm Silentwhisper, your deputy and mother." Moments afterwards, he was greeted once again. "Hey little bro! I am your totally amazing and strong sister, Yetikit!" Beetlekit's expression was blank. Standing up, he journeyed out of the Nursery, getting a good view of Silenceclan's camp.

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his gut, he was tackled by an ecru apprentice. "If you're Silentwhisper's kit, then you'll have to show yourself before stepping out to the sunlight." Before the youth could react, the foe was pushed off. "You know not to physically touch a 1 moon old kit, Specklepaw, you shall be punished." Beetlekit stood and darted off before he heard anymore, making sure to stay away from this 'Specklepaw'.

After having a long bolt away, he noticed lots of fog ahead. Being the curious but shy kit he was, he checked it out. Every step towards the void made him terrified, feeling stalked. Finally, the silence was broken with malevolent laughter "Hehe...You shouldn't have come here kid, this is not a place you would want to visit, you should have known better..hehe..." A monumental figure stood forward from the ecru trees, the feline looking like a shadow. He responded, speaking for the first time "U-uh! W-what d-do you m-mean?! I-I'm not s-scared o-o-of you!" Then the unknown illusion-like feline smiled at him, others errupting beside him, Beetlekit wished he never ran off.

Then, a ominous hiss formed, everyone (including Beetlekit) turned to the screech, noticing 2 diminutive kits, about the same size as himself. Beetlekit assumed they were twins, as they looked exactly the same. He stood, going straight to them, now seeing he was much smaller. Beetle kit, then spoke to them "Uh... Hey, I am Beetlekit, this is kinda awkward.." The two nodded, then replied "Hello, I am Slate, and this is my sibling Raven, I didn't a clan cat was so nice, to rogues like us." The trio of youths turned back to the malevolent bunch, them glaring. Beetlekit then demanded something of them "We should run, just follow me." So, they did.

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