Basic Information
Name: SilentCry
Clan: SilenceClan
Age: 48 moons (Two years)
Mate: N/A
Kits: Beetlekit, Yetikit
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank: Deputy
Future Rank: Leader


Name Relation Trust Rate
Beetlekit Son 100%
Yetikit Daughter 100%
LarkWing Mother 70%
Witheredsoul Father 100%
Whisperedflight Sister 30%
Ghoststream Brother 10%
Arcticbreeze Grandmother 39%
Blackenedfire Grandfather 75%
Crimsonwing Aunt 40%
Frostclaw Uncle 40%
Shadowstorm Niece 10%
Breezepelt Nephew 60%
Stormsoul Nephew 90%



Leadership 10/10
Loyalty 9/10
Hunting 9.5/10
Attack 10/10
Defense 9.8/10
Swimming 3/10
Climbing 8.5/10
Patience 2/10
Agility 10/10
Speed 9.9/10
Stamina 9.9/10
Stealth 9.9/10
Strength 9.9/10
Tracking 9/10
Trust 7.5/10

Likes and Dislikes

Likes Dislikes
Killing Other Clans
Hunting Rogues
Tracking Kittypets
Beetlekit Yetikit
Darkness Light

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